Entry #1

My twitter: @BrianAmadori

2015-03-18 21:38:53 by CreativeVomit

I hate twitter, but whatever i have one now. So follow me anyway for news and foreshadowing of my future games, as well as my current, past, canceled and non-existent ones.



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2015-03-18 21:58:59

Lol could u answer a question for me. If I animate something on a 3d animator and save it to my files could I post that one here? I'm new anyway I have no idea how to do this stuff

CreativeVomit responds:

I don't have idea! I'm new here too! But i don't see any option to do that here so i guess not?


2015-03-18 22:36:24

Oh so I guess we have to find out some other way then. When did u start?